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Allow me to rave a bit here. Things with the baby are getting much much better?! Wow – who would have thought?! Even this time last month I was barely hanging on to my last thread of sanity and worrying just what the hell i had gotten myself in to. (I still have those moments though!)

Sakura has really blossomed (punny I know) in the last couple weeks. She’s a lot more happy and a lot more fun to be around now. She slept an unpredidented 8+ hours in a stretch last night… whoa.. I don’t want to expect that as the norm since her usual is 5 hours and then 2 or 3 hours until she wakes up but wow. I was impressed – my little girl is growing up!

She’s also very vocal although only really to me. When we “chat” I get squacks, squeaks, loud calls, and excited vowel sound coos. It is soooo cute. I love talking with her, its the absolute highlight of my day. She does coo a bit for Ryohei but seems a bit more “discerning” towards other people at this point. We set up a baby mobile for her that Sassymoo sent up a couple months ago and she is facinated by it. We bought a rug for our wood floored living room so she lies on a blanket on the rug and will watch it for 15-20 minutes (which gives me time to check the net and eat something simple like toast or soup)

Napping is still hit or miss – today she’s taken two long naps but the whole weekend she was up every 30-40 minutes. Her night sleeping is getting a lot better though although she has to go to bed early. She gets major fussiness between 4:30-5 and we have her bath and bed by 6 usually. In an astonishing surprise.. shes actually falling to sleep on her own now. As long as I pump her up with enough boobies to make her happy she will lie there on her futon and fall asleep on her own. Before it would take hours of rocking but for the last 3 days (not long I know) she has been ok with lying there drowsy until she falls asleep. Now from what I’ve heard babies love to switch things up on you so I’m not taking it as a permanent change…

Just wanted to talk a bit about the happier things in life. Who would have thought that having a baby was actually fun.. the first 6-8 weeks were differently not in my book but I’ve even looked at Sakura’s newborn picture recently and thought how someday in the next year or two I’d like to have another (most likely my last one.)

Ryohei is pulling overtime until next weeks Friday and my birthday is next weeks Thursday so maybe will do something fun to celebrate on the Saturday of that week (17th) since that will be the next “family” day we get. Ryohei was really helpful this weekend although we did get in a fight about where to put the bag of diapers. Stupid I know.. I wanted them on the side of the sofa for quick access he wanted them behind so it would look less messy. (I won eventually but it took a good hour or two of us not talking) BUT I don’t want to complain about Ryohei because he was very helpful… he did 3 loads of laundry and hung 2 of them, swiffered the floor and vacuumed the living room, made yakisoba for lunch, and cleaned the dinner dishes!! Sorry ladiesΒ  – he’s mine!!

Anyways I’m very happy and have some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for dessert tonight! Now that Sakura is getting easier I’ve def. started focusing on the massive amounts of weight I have gained since last year. Its not coming off as fast as I’d like which is probably my fault since I’ve been eating a lot of not so great for you food lately. I need to find some sort of balance and keep up Sakura and my daily walks while its still decent weather. In fact when she wakes up that is just what we will do!



Posted on: July 11, 2009

This deserves a second posting today… wow I missed our new home and missed Ryohei (despite our tiff.. which is over now as most silly hormone and stress induced fights are)

We’ve spent a fairly relaxing afternoon and evening at home – I got to use my oven for the first time and made a roasted chicken breast with lemon and herbs as well as some homemade mashed potatos (no salt πŸ˜› ) to accompany it.

It was about 100x better than anything I’ve had in the past few days. I really like cooking – and my food processor arrived today as well so hopefully I’ll be able to experiment with that in the next few days as well.Β  I’m a big fan of trying out new recipes although if they are western in origin its usually necessary to experiement since some of the ingrediants aren’t readily available here.

I guess being hospitalized has really made me appreciate being in my own place even more… my bed, my own stuff, the quiet… but I do hope BG comes soon. When the babies at the nursery weren’t screaming they were so cute and I just wanted to hold them but they weren’t mine so obviously can’t go doing that. I still have my hospital bag packed and yes this time there are snacks going in my bag incase they feel they need to starve me after the birth… sigh. My clinic is supposed to have great food so I will be really disappointed if I am on “diet” food again for my week long stay there – I can’t imagine my dr. being that cruel to me once the baby is out tho.. (she says now…)

Anyways – tomorrow we plan to do some light cleaning and take a walk. Apparently it is ok for me to go on walks as long as I get plenty of rest as well… so I think we will walk up the station for the first time since moving here and see what is around.

Next weekend is a 3 day weekend and Ryohei has a wedding to go to on the 19th (Saturday) who wants to bet BG comes that day? Ryohei is hoping and praying she comes before then so that he can have a couple drinks with his friends without worrying about not being able to get back in time. The way things are going I’m guessing she will be picking that as the day… or at least I would if I was a itazura loving baby like BG seems to be.

Ah~ time to take a shower in my own shower…. happiness!

Assuming that Saturday is the start of the week!! Well, but Monday I will be sadly internetless until mid-week so might as well get this all down “on paper” while I still can. Sleep has evaded me once again so after an hour of fruitless tossing and turning (alone I might add) Ryohei is spending the night at Granny’s after his drinking party… MIL actually has sweets in the house – I am very tempted to go and steal the whole box of chocolate covered macademia nuts from the fridge but trying to practice a bit of restraint. If I give in sometime during this post I will you all know.

Starting tomorrow is a busy busy few days! Yay!! About time – something to do!!! So here is how my week is shaping up for all those who are interested in stalking.. er.. knowing about my life.

Saturday – Clinic appt… yay, woo hoo… maybe they will start checking me if I am dilated and efficated at this point. Doubt there is much going on down there to be honest – def. feel like BG is mostly situated down there at this point though, if my bladder is the least amount full it HURTS until I can relieve it. Very very interesting. After clinic is DELIVERY time. We are waiting for recycle shop man to bring our akachan tansu (baby chest), new couch, a/c, and washing machine over plus install the washing machine and a/c. We also need to do at least minimal 100 yen shop plate, cup, trash can.. shopping. I don’t think I will get too much unpacking done though. I will save that for weekdays when I don’t have my prince in his blue Toyata to drive me around and pick stuff up. Saturday night I am making lentil vegetable soup for dinner as our “good-bye” present? So we need to pick up our ingrediants and then I get to cook. I think I am going to be very tired tomorrow…

Sunday – The day I am least looking forward too – read on. Our heavy lifting day part deux. Ryoheis father and mother (sigh) will be joining us bringing up our matress, the rest of our clothes, and any other “big stuff” we decide to bring along. Still have to decide tomorrow night – yes we are super prepared. So… then… for whatever reason my BIL and SIL will be driving up to “see the place” as well. Double and triple sigh… I honesly am not excited about having 6!! people in my box and unmoved apartment our first day there. I told Ryohei to make them not come but he wouldn’t… I just want to GET AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE for a tiny little bit and yet a huge full dose while I’m still going to be stressed out about what goes where is annoying. And no – I don’t want MIL and SIL helping me put away my stuff… I have my own way of doing things that would be best if no “peanut gallery” was watching. So despite my protests I get to play unwilling hostess my first day of living at the new place. Sigh – and I won’t even have internet to complain about it afterwards 😦

Monday – My first day as a housewife and not DIL trapped in inaka begins. I guess this will be when I start to get most of the unpacking done. Also expecting our counter for the oven, rice cooker, food processor, etc etc to arrive sometime in the afternoon and Ryohei will get the fun of putting it together (haha) when he gets home. I’ll also probably do a big grocery shopping for at least a few days of the week.

Tuesday – Internet installation man should be coming in the morning so I will let him do his installing thing and then check as often as I can to see as if we have internet… but most likely it will take until Weds. So I will try and get more unpacking done and also some reading (I have a huge bag of chick lit books from Nay and Laura that I should probably read BEFORE the baby comes)

Weds. – Should have internet today!! Will most likely spend the day catching up on all my site and trying out new recipes. My plan is to make homemade pita bread and hummus this week so this might be the day for it if I can get all the ingrediants assembled.

Thurs. – Nothing, may go to city hall and get my gaikokujin card “altered.” Not really looking forward to the beauracracy so I am putting it off as long as possible but should probably do it before the end of the week 😦

Friday!!!! – Meeting up with actual other foreign wives in Niigata?!!!? Wow!! We have late morning coffee/lunch date at Nagaoka station. Should be three of us (and a couple kids?) me, Lily from Cafe Yamashita, and another lady Katrina who lives in Sanjo (located between Nagaoka City and Niigata City) So excited to actually meet up with English speakers!!! And very likely this will be my first time at the Starbucks since our move… I don’t think I will get around to the station before Friday due to all the other stuff I need to do… but yah!! Very excited!

After that no real plans… by the end of next weekend I’ll be almost 39 weeks so I will probably just be a walking ball of hot bloated fun ready to pop. Hard to believe it will all be over so soon… really really hard.

Oh and just realized it just turned July 4th!! Happy Independence Day all my American blogger friends!! (not many of you are there lol) How would I LOVE to be BBQing and firework watching back at home.. maybe someday πŸ™‚

Still up

Posted on: June 26, 2009

But its not really a surprise at this point… I tend to be up until 2 or 3 am every night now.. Don’t worry I make up for it be sleeping in until around noon when I can. Yes, yes – I know some of you are jealous, but in just 3-4 short weeks I will be joining the ranks of sleepless in the inaka for the foreseeable future.

Today was a much nicer day than yesterday! Which I am now thinking was really all the fault of those nasty hormones that I talked about last night. I spent most of the day reading magazines from a new friend Japanmama who lives in neighboring Gunma-ken (I just got around to linking her blog and want to give it a plug here). I haven’t gotten to read too many western pregnancy publications so it was nice and I got some good baby food making ideas from one of them to try out in… oh 6-7 months from now.

Also had a nice call with Lily from Cafe Yamashita who lives in Niigata-City which is about a 20 minute shinkansen trip away – we made plans to meet up once I move to Nagaoka (I think she may be the closest foreign wife to me?) so I’m feeling a lot better!! Even having just one or two people nearby makes a huge difference than feeling you are the “only one” in your situation. Not sure if either of them read my blog frequently but wanted to give them both a thank you for helping me feel better!

On the actual giving birth front – even though I am full term next week I would prefer her to stay in until after the 14th of July or so.. which is 39 weeks. Ideally I’d like her to come in between the 14th and the 24th as that would work out “the best” for me. We will see if she is obliging… not sure if I wrote it here but my mother will be coming to stay from August 4 – 16 so I’d really like to be done with my week long clinic stay by that point!

This weekend we will go recycle shop shopping to pic out most of the “big electronics” for our new place to get them delivered next week. Looking forward to getting that out of the way and the electricity and water should be on from Saturday so I can actaully use the toliet in our apartment unlike last time where I had to run to the 3 min walk away grocery store for a bathroom break! I can’t wait to start setting up the apartment – I guess its as good a time as ever for nesting to set in… not that I’ve really had any inklings to clean or put things away right now!! Unless you count researching stuff to buy on the net πŸ˜› I’m quite proficient at that!! In fact I’d say I’m about an 1kyuu level internet shopper.

Back to talking about BG – sorry for the random jumping around I am typing stuff as I remember it – she was very very active tonight and Ryohei got a good feel of her while we lying in bed watching an episode of House MD. He kept going “oh she’s moving!! she’s really moving” and I’m like “yup yup” (thinking – you wouldn’t be that thrilled if you had to experience this every couple hours every day buddy) in the end he was like “hayaku aitai!! kando shita!” (I want to see her soon – that made me so emotional) Glad he is excited… I am too… just wish it wasn’t so painful – I’ve been having a lot of pains lately and TMI TMI TMI think a bit of my mucus plug came out yesterday… I won’t go into detail here but my friend Dr. Google says that might have been what it was.

So yup… another random post from me… I’m going to be looking back on these in a year from now and laugh – I hope. Other wise they will be a great form of birth control if I am getting the silly idea that I want another “little baby” by then!

Probably will be another boring post today, but I always end up losing my lists so you the blogging public also get to be privy to our moving info… woo hoo – don’t you feel special?

Utilities (I spent about 3 minutes trying to remember what this word was…. yikes)

Gas – turned on 6/21
Electricity – turned on 6/27
Water – turned on 6/27
Internet – should be up and running by weekend of July 4th baring no complications

Moving Stuff

6/20 – One trip of boxes when we go to pick up our keys and my Drs. Appt.
6/21 – One trip of boxes when we go to wait for the gas to be turned on… maybe two if FIL gets his car back in time plus we are taking him out for ramen for Father’s Day
6/27 – The “big stuff” gets moved aka our mattress, our chest of drawers… plus (see below)
6/28 – Ryohei has to work all day… which means no moving can really be done 😦

Buying Stuff

6/27 – Apparently we are going to get most of our stuff from the second hand shop. In between moving and the owner (who we talked to 2 weekends ago) said he will deliver and install all the big stuff – washing machine, fridge, maybe aircon for 1000 yen total (WOW!)
6/28 – While Ryohei is at work second hand shop man should come and install the stuff… when Ryohei gets home that night HOPEFULLY we will go and buy the “holy oven”
7/??- not exactly sure when we will go about getting dining table/sofa/etc… hopefully before the baby is here… we will probably go the second hand shop route for them but the one we went to for the electrics didn’t have a very good selection so we will probably go second hand shop looking the July 4th weekend

Anyways… if all goes well… the first night at the apartment should be the 27th? Thats less than 10 days from now!! And a good thing since my weekly appointments should be starting from this week on and I can take the bus by myself to them on a weekday and hopefully avoid most of the crowds.

Last night Ryohei asked if I wanted to go and see a “play” with him… now I like theater and LOVE musical theater… but was very very skeptical of what sort of “play” this would be. Apparently its being put on by the local business union about the Japanese Constitution?! Umm… ok. If anything it may provide foder for another amusing blog post… on the upside we are going to have dinner (pay day dinner) at this really yummy Italian place that is run by a guy who actually studied in Italy! We have a half off coupon for the most expensive pizza on the menu covered in imported buffalo milk cheese… so that should be fun!! We haven’t had a “date” for a while.. so I guess I’ll take what I can get.

And… on the upside – I found out that they will be raising Ryohei’s “gas allowence” when we move. I thought it was just set to a certain number a month but they will actually give him more “gas money” since he is driving a longer distance to work now!! Yay – that was one of my secret fears – that the extra gas money would be sort of an issue – but looks like that is in the clear as well!

This month is going decidely better than the last one – but SIL and BIL are coming to spend the night here tomorrow and we all remember what happened last time I met up with SIL. Stay tuned for a weekend post!?!

Today is a happy post! Yesterday was a great day since it marked my last day of hell work for the the next two weeks!! Add to that some good news for a very dear friend of mine AND that today is my 1 year Anniversary of being married – and well good things come in threes!

Of course I am spending my Anniversary day alone while the man of the house is at work and then going to his sending off party… which is a bit of a bummer. But the thought of not having to work AND going back to the land of non-Japanese food and fitting clothes has put me on a bit of a high!!

My next post will most likely be after we have landed in the good ol’ US of A so until then – sayonara~

Ok well Ryohei has scored major points in my book after I was annoyed all weekend at him for various things.
Without my knowing it, he order a cake for my birthday next week! And he was planning to have it delivered during the day and surprise me, but since I won’t be getting back from Nay’s until late he decided to just have it be there waiting for me.

It was so cute cause he was like “Do you want to know or not know” And I’m like.. oh god.. he’s gonna tell me I don’t want to hear. But it was so sweet and I really appreciated it!! I’ve never really had any partners who did any cute things like that and I was so happy I started crying and being a stupid mess. *sigh*

Anyways major points.. which I suppose will make up for him working late tonight and tomorrow.

Anyways its time for Monday again (cry) I guess its time to get to hel… err work.