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Well we got back Monday evening from what was a wonderful 4 day adventure in the Tokyo/Chiba area. We got Sakura’s American passport/birth abroad certificate completed without a hitch and I got to hang out with so many cool people.

A big thanks to Lulu for having us stay AND hosting a lunch party for 10 people or so despite being in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Also thanks to Nay for helping me with Sakura one night when it was just the two of us… and of course Sakura woke up in the middle of the night and Nay stepped up beyond the call of duty and actually helped me at 2am.

We met up with Khea and adorable cutie Missha. She and Sakura were fast friends and even posed for some adorable times 2 sleeping pictures which I’m sure the majority of you have seen posted on other peoples blogs and facebooks.

I also met Cassie from Fuchu and Melanie and their families for the first time. Not yet Daddy Taka (Melanies husband) actually rocked Sakura to sleep and held her for nearly an hour and everyone was very happy to take the baby off my hands which gave me the most free time to sit and eat and talk since shes has been born!!!

So thank you to all of you that I met… I wish I lived closer… maybe in 4 years or so if Ryohei gets his temporary transfer.

Sakura was not bad for most of the trip. Not surprisingly she still doesnt take too well to all the change. The first night at Lauras she was screaming at night for the good part of 5 hours.. hopefully she didn’t scar Laura and Nay too badly… The next nights weren’t as bad even tho stupid Ryohei wasnt around either of them to help me.. grr grumble grumble.

Sakura was SO happy to be back in our apartment – she cried all the way on the shinkansen and car home but literally as soon as we walked in the door she started smiling and being happy… weird kid. I was surprised she recognized “home.” Ryohei had the day off yesterday as well and it was the best day with Sakura ever. There was hardly any crying and she even fell asleep byherself after I set her down after a feed at night… wow… she smiled a ton and looked like she was going to even laugh. She’s been able to smile the past few weeks but in the last 2-3 days she has been doing in constantly it is soooo cute. She smiles a lot like I do.. as in our smiles sort of look similar. She even crinkles up her nose like I used to do as a baby/child…

I’d have to say things are slowly getting easier.. maybe because the crying has gone down a bit. I’ve been using gas drops the last week or so and that seems to maybe be making the difference since after using them I’ve seen a dramatic increase of happiness in her behavior.

This upcoming week is Silver Week and Ryohei has work from 5pm – 11pm Saturday and noon – 11pm Sunday… so more night duty alone for me. Not tooooo thrilled about that. We are also going to visit Heather of the Fukases fame on Monday and Tuesday!!! So looking forward to that.. its a 2.5 hour drive on the express way so we will see how that goes with the baby. Sometimes she likes the car and sometimes she HATES it…

Next month should be a challenging one… apparently Ryohei is super busy the first half of the month. Its pretty frustrating because I feel like a single parent most of the time and the reason he took this job is that he could spend more time with our “family.” I just wish he was around more since I don’t have many friends here.. although I did got to an “international” family club today. Although it was mainly Japanese moms who could speak a little English and a Korean mom. There was an American English teacher there who I talked to a bit and maybe became friends with? Shes going home next year (Surprise surprise… every single foreign friend i’ve made here is not planning to be here long term… sigh) but even those shes not married/doesnt have kids she wanted to hang out with Sakura and me so Yay! She said she knows some other foreign people here so hopefully she will introduce me… I’ll probably be the only one with a kid but I desperately want to have at least a couple native English speaking friends close by..

Anyways – its been a busy week and Silver Week will probably be busy as well….


sakura is down for her morning nap which means im going to sneak in a post before i have mine. this is where all my time is going… i try and sleep when she naps (between getting other chores done and eating) and when shes awake i am pretty much on fulltime mom duty except when the bouncer gets to babysit for 10-15 mins or so. sakura FINALLY enjoys the bouncer. she used to cry everytime but now she actually enjoys the toys and the music and will sit there quietly or talking to herself for a little bit which allows me to get a few things done like oh… going to the bathroom.

ryohei has been helpful since his return. he took her when she woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning and she fell asleep with him downstairs while i got a few more winks up here. actually… last night was one of the first nights in a while she was down to sleep in less than an hour. i was very impressed… i used some of the “happiest baby on the block” techiniques. first i loaded her with boobies then swaddled her in a muslin blanket… she HATES the thicker cottony ones i think they make her too hot. then shushed and swang her and she was out in a few minutes. wow.. if this works again tonight then i am going to be so happy.

shes always been a decent sleeper once she sleeps and since ive mastered the art of slipping my boob in her mouth while shes still asleep or half asleep to “fill ‘er up” in the middle of the night i’ve been getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night. not my preferred 9-10 but i dont see that one coming for a while.

we are going to get her passport photo taken today… hoping it will go ok. i am planning to take her when she wakes up from this nap as hopefully she will be in a decent mood and not scream at the poor camera man. i got our to tokyo and back shinkansen tickets and am counting down the days until we leave. friday morning cant come soon enough… now that we are getting a daytime routinue down i def. find myself getting a bit bored with the baby. and wish i had people to see and talk with while going out with her. i made my way to the “chibi ko hiroba” that is about a 25 minute or so walk from here yesterday. it was not bad but not really something a tiny baby can enjoy. maybe when she starts crawling she will enjoy the toys and other kids there. it was still nice though and i talked to another mom there – she gave me tissues when sakura spit up on me after her feed (thanks)

i also went to the international center to see what was around there but it didn’t seem very “happening” there just arent many foreign people in niigata/nagaoka… well not western ones. i speak english with sakura but have no one else really to converse with in english in front of her. so jealous of all those with a decent amount of english speaking friends around them. i wish we could move to somewhere else in kanto where i could get in on all these lunch dates and stuff that so many of the kanto bloggers get to do together. im super jealous… but oh well. just hope that in 5 years ryohei really can get his tokyo transfer so i have 2 years or so to live in the city once more… 😦

sakura is 6 weeks today… apparently for colicy type babies this is around when the crying etc peaks so we shall see how it goes. another growth spurt should be coming soon too.. probably right while im in tokyo so that should be fun. the last one had my nipples and boobs in shreads so i suppose i can only look forward to more of the same?

anyways this month should go by fast what with going to tokyo/chiba this weekend and nagano the next. the faster this month is over the fast we are into 2-3 month baby territory where i’ve been told by many many people that things will get better.

btw creme brulee frappachino is awesome… i’ve had them twice in a week. bad for my post baby weightloss and bad for my wallet but so delicious it some how makes it right.. besides it about a 40 minute walk there and back to the starbucks so at least some of the calories are getting used up… right…? right???


Posted on: September 6, 2009

ryohei should be home in about 3 hours

sakura is napping again which is giving me some precious internet time. i took some of the nap with her as i was completely exhuasted from only 4 hours of sleep last night.

so now i can write a bit about yesterday. i had a WONDERFUL day with lily in niigata. sakura and i headed up on the shinkansen using special tickets for use within niigata prefecture. unfortunately… its close to 3000 yen for round trip so its not necessarily a trip i can make weekly or even biweekly but monthly works and def. talking with lily was priceless. it was just the two of us and our babies and we went to a bookshop where i got the last book in the the “twilight” series.

we then had lunch outside at this little cafe. it was a beautiful day not too hot or cold. the babies slept for the most part although sakura peed all over me at one point… but the food was the delicious and the conversation was great. we talked about parenting, the way life changes, inlaws, being foreign wives… it was so refreshing and great.

in kobe i used to have similar “dates” with girlfriends at cafes and outdoors but since movint to niigata – no friend and no cute cafes…

i really like niigata city. it actually looks like a city. nagaoka is a “city” but still a dirty inaka feel to it… no offense.. just watching the scenery on the shinkansen it went from japanese style dirty buildings and rice fields to pretty buildings, parks and high rise buildings in niigata city. id be happy if ryohei could be transfered there in a year or two like he talked about. i am just such a city girl… even being in nagaoka isnt ideal for me but compared to the super inaka alternative its ok

anyways like i said i had a great day with lily. it was encouraging because she said her first son was a lot like sakura and she got through it and went on to have two more (adorable) boys.

i know i should try and find some japanese friends around here but i always feel a bit more comfortable around english speakers/western mentality… maybe its just cause i have the baby and it seems like im being judged soooo much more now. i roll my eyes at all the advice and comments that i get on a daily basis. even yesterday at niigata city some old lady was watching me play with sakura and asked if she could see. not the first time i was asked that… i have no idea why they think babies cant see until there 2 months or so. my mil and gmil said the same thing… its one of those things like the always cold thing or stupid other stuff

ok but im ranting so ill stop now…

anyways cant wait to see ryohei tonight. i missed him and was frustrated with him for going off and having fun.. but mostly missed him although i feel like i never see him anymore. i miss “our time” so much. we always did so much together and now due to sakuras arrival im too tired and busy to do anything and the baby sort of limits night stuff since she is a demon then.

oh well.. i know eventually well be able to do stuff together… just a few more months i guess. i feel like all have to say about being a parent is complaints. there are good things too… but honestly the frustrating out ways the fun at the moment and as my blog is more of getting my frustrations out there you have it…

anyways sakura is due to wake up anytime now so my freetime for the evening is over. we are now heading into 5pm + which is the worst part of the day. just hoping with ryohei around tonights bed time wont be and horrible as yesterday.

Today was a beautiful day – well despite the oppressive heat! It had been raining and raining the past few days so we finally took advantage of the blue skies to take a walk to Nagaoka Station for Starbucks, lunch, and shopping. Well we got 2 of the 3 done 😛 Although I have to give Sakura credit she was very good for 85% of the time and slept for most of the walk and our time there. We got a picture of her with Mommy and her first Starbucks! (haha) I’ll have to get it from my Mom’s camera – we have to commemorate that very important anniversary.

We did a bit of shopping at Jupiter (an imports food shop) as well as some regular groceries. We were planning to eat “Italian” which is an original Niigata/Nagaoka speciality that is yakisoba and meatsauce and cheese – BUT Sakura woke up screaming and hungry so we tried out the Nagaoka Stn. baby feeding room which went a lot better than at the mall.

We got a bit lost on the way home since I don’t know the way back as well as the way there and poor Sakura got a bit hot and also lost one of her cute pink socks during a screaming fit…

Anyways we all got back relatively unscathed but very hot – I think once it cools down a trip to the station and back will be a very doable little trip for me and my girl. Maybe I can have a one a week starbucks break 🙂 Right now it is really hot and she is only 2 weeks and change so not necessarily the best combination.

Tomorrow morning we will be going down to Ryohei’s grandmas all day for Obon. I’m not sure if Sakura and I will be joining to do the hakka maeri (going to the graves) since she is only 2 weeks and since Ryohei’s family seems pretty strict about her not leaving the house until she is a month (they have no idea my mom and I have been taking her out every other day or so – oh well!) And we also have a customary family obon party where they order huge plates of sushi and lots of sake and beer. I don’t drink a lot and this year I have a great excuse to say no – woo hooo!!

Anyways Ryohei has work all this week and Saturday as well. He has a drinking party tonight but since we have to go to his grandmas tomorrow hes passing on the drinking and just going to get home really late.

I’m kind of bummed he can’t take any vacation this Obon but we are using his summer vacation to go visit Lulu in Chiba in Sept and get Sakura’s American passport. So.. I guess since my mom is here that its ok. She’ll be leaving Sunday morning and sort of worried how I will get along on my own – have to say that having someone to hand the baby to so I can shower or take a break has been really nice despite the occasional grating on my nerves…

I still feel pretty scared when Sakura pulls out her angry screaming mode… I’m looking forward to when shes a tiny bit older and we’ve developed a bit more of a routine…

Sorry for the sort of random writing… my head sort of is spinning and I think I need a nap.

D is for…

Posted on: July 21, 2009

Duedate~~~ woo hoo as of 20 minutes ago I am officially 40 weeks pregnant. Seems hard to believe that about 38 weeks ago that little second line turned pink and BG was already on her way…

But no time to be sentimental yet… I feel like I should hang on tight as this ride seems to be FAR from over. I’m just crossing my fingers that this is the week and that I’ll be with my little girl this time next week. I have a good feeling about the end of the week so I will try to hold my cheerful attitude until then but after that point I think I will become VERY CRANKY week overdue Sarah and all hell will break loose… and I’ll probably end up being induced which I would PREFER to avoid. So any slippery slidey baby coming out vibes would be much appreciated.

Its so depressing to read my baby board and see girls who are due after me or around the same time having their babies and others are talking about having contractions and bloody show… to be honest I have no idea what a contraction even feels like. I’ve had a few spots of menstral like cramps but certainly haven’t felt anything close to a muscular contraction I must have had Braxton-Hicks by now but I’ve never really noticed them at all. And everything still seems to be sealed up tight (without going into too many gory details)

I guess since I haven’t had any signs really it sort of worries me… the baby is engaged but I don’t know how far along that is in the impending birth scale. Of course Dr. Stupid doesn’t bother to tell me how effaced or dilated I am… although I saw him making some markings on a paper after my internal check (which I still hate…) but he just shared that there was no way she would be coming on my due date …

So I guess this is it though… it can’t be anymore than 2 weeks until she is here hopefully less than that. it honestly doesn’t feel real… I don’t think it will feel real until I can actually see her. 😦 Ryohei and I tell her all the time we are waiting to meet her and want her to come out, but she seems to want to do things on her own time. She’s been wriggling around quite a bit today as if to say – “I’m quite happy and comfortable in here thanks.” Happy to be of service my dear but there is soon going to be no more room in the inn…

My recent posts have been so pathetic… and all the websites say don’t think about the waiting too much – but really?! when you can’t do anything except waddle around and bump into doors/closets/walls with your hugely expanded girth what else are you supposed to think about. Doesn’t help that we’ve got her bed and stuff all set up in the room so everytime I walk in I get a look at my daughter’s empty bed, unused clothes and blankets, and yet unplayed with toys. At least after this I will never be pregnant for the first time again and if/when we have our next baby hopefully I’ll be occupied with BG enough that the wait won’t be this excrutiating. First times are usually the hardest… right?

Anyways Ryohei and I had a fairly nice day today.. perhaps our last non-work day as a couple. We washed his car in the afternoon since it was nice out and then came back and decided to get 100 yen revolving sushi as a last hurrah! It was very very yummy and nice to go out to a restaurant with just the two of us since lately I (or he) have been cooking dinner everynight. I like Nagaoka a lot… its not as big or convenient as Kobe – but its got pretty much everything we need in reasonable walking distance – I see a lot of the baby weight coming off from frequent walks to the station/stores with BG once it starts to cool off come Sept. 🙂

Anyways completely off the subject but figured I should interject a bit of happy and positive into the whole “where the heck is BG?!” .. 🙂

I can’t wait until she’s here and all this will feel like it was worth it… right now its just a hellish waiting game.

My Star

Posted on: July 12, 2009

Ryohei really deserves a ‘thank you’ post and maybe a medal for the past couple days. Yes we had a huge nasty fight with a lot of not so nice stuff said the day I was admitted to the hospital, but I think that was fueled by a lot of stress and worry for BG and me. Since stupid idiot Dr. put it into Ryohei’s head that we might die or something… (rolls eyes)

Anyways since getting back home Ryohei has been so incredibly helpful and I am SO greatful for it. He’s done so many of the household chores like laundry, washing dishes, taking out the trash, etc etc… without me having to ask or anything… actually he’s always been pretty good about this type of stuff. But – its been a big help since although I can do a bit I get tired and sore feet/sore back/sore bump fairly quickly. Of course he’ll be back to work tomorrow so I’ll have a bit more to do on my own – but I really really appreciate him helping out so much – he can get on my nerves, piss me off, and make me roll my eyes but in the end he’s really a sweet and helpful guy and I know how much he loves me and BG.

I’ve had my regrets the past few months – but being with him is not one of them… wish the place would change sometimes, wish other things would change sometimes,  but I think that he and I really suit each other and I’m lucky to have met him 🙂

Aww… mush…

We walked to Nagaoka Station today which has a large shopping center attached to it… did a little bit of shopping but not too much. Its a decent walk – a little further than I was expecting but once BG is here it will be a perfect distance for a daily walk plus lots of fun stuff like Starbucks (which I resisted today), 100 yen shop, Mr. Donuts, import foods shop, and more 🙂 I really like the area we are living now…

Our place is on a really small road away from all the cars and traffic and theres a big plot of land in the back that people use to grow veggies and its soooo quiet. No frogs, no taiko drums, just some singing bugs… and its nice to have a green view and still be able to walk 3 minutes to the supermarket and 15-20 mins to “shopping mall civilization.” I think we are both really really pleased with how the apartment is shaping up!!

My new food processor arrived last night and we tried it out slicing cabbage today which Ryohei was very excited about… also used the oven again to make rosemary and oliveoil roasted potatos… which were absolutely heavenly… (We got a huge sack of potatos from Ryohei’s grandma before I was admitted to the hospital and they were going to go bad soon we have been eating potatos since I got out of the hospital) I also made a lemon basil panfriend pork – which Ryohei LOVED – but I was sort of blah on. I’m not a big fan of pork, esp not pan friend but Ryohei requested it and I didn’t want to say no. He’s got the leftovers all set to go for his bento tomorrow – so thats good as well 🙂

I guess I absolutely have no plans this week… if BG doesn’t come by Weds. I think we’ll go and see Harry Potter… but besides that nada… I’ve been having all sorts of fun aches and pains both back and stomach area but nothing that really lasts… 😦 Now that our place is pretty much set up and ready to go its just killing time until “the day.”

Sort of hoping she will come before Sat. as I’d really prefer not to have another check-up again… I guess I need to start walking everyday and hope that it helps speed things along!

Day 2 here

Posted on: July 7, 2009

Now on to Day 2 of Bored Housewife Life… so frustrating to have so much to do and be so incapable of doing it. Well – I’ve pretty much got all the immediate need stuff put away – a lot of BG’s “we won’t use this right away” stuff is still sitting in boxes in the second bedroom… oh well figure I’ll get around to it eventually… even if its after she’s born.

Ryoheo forgot… (>_<) to bring the blood pressure measurement thingy from his grandma’s yesterday -idiot- he remembered to bring the rice she was giving him tho.. so now he has to drop by there AGAIN tonight to get it. Ok I shouldn’t be too miffed at him since he spent an hour putting together our oven/rice cooker/storage shelf that came last night that would have been impossible and he gets the pleasure of putting together the pack and play that will be BG’s bed (which SassyMoo sent us! Thanks sweetie!!) tonight 🙂

I am enjoying cooking again – since we didn’t have any rice last night so I made spaghetti and added fresh chopped green pepper, eggplant, and ground beef to the regular sauce. Very yummy and a bit more healthy that way! I got rave reviews from my husband so that always makes me feel better 🙂 Tonight’s dinner is Mabo Nasu so that I can use up the left over veggies from last night and so that I don’t have to go to the store tonight although we are out of milk so looks like one of us will have to run out and get some at some point…

So I am 38 weeks today – and if the Dr. gives me a clean bill of health tmw I doubt BG will be making an appearence anytime soon… I have some on and off pelvic pain but no sort of cramping or “losing MP” or anything fun like that… guess with her being numero uno I shouldn’t be expecting to much anyways but I’m sure sick of being pregnant and all the aches and pains that come with it. I twisted my ankle going up the stairs yesterday and my knees are getting so sore whenever I bend or get out of bed/off the sofa… I just want it all to end despite the apparently pain and blood fest that awaits… part of me sort of hopes tmw will be the day.. or at least by the end of the week… lol.

The crap hot weather has started again and I’m just feeling like a huge manitee or something… I’ve been trying not to use the A/C so much since I know we will be using it quite a bit when BG is here… I forget how much I hate Japanese summer every year lol – I am so much more a cold weather person… and knowing that there is about 2 months of this to come sucks 😦 But then comes Autumn which is my fave season of the year!

Oh well… I guess it might be naptime now… I try and sleep through the hottest part of the day since I can’t do much without sweating buckets.

Thanks to all who commented on my post yesterday I feel quite a bit more prepared tomorrow!!

Also its Tanabata! Whats your special wish? I want to meet my little girl!!! We are pretty much ready for her to come whenever!!