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Posted on: December 18, 2009

I am so overdue for a post. Its been over a week since Sakura and I arrived here in America and we are having a really fun time.

The flight over was a lot easier than I thought. We stayed the night before with Lulu and Shumpei and it was nice to catch up before Goma-chan makes his arrival. It’ll be the last time I see Lulu without the baby as he better be there when I head back home in another week and a half!!! (ganbatte Lulu!)

We lucked out and got a bassinet seat which made all the difference in the world. I can’t imagine how it would have been if I had to hold Sakura the entire flight. She slept for about 6-7 hours of the 9 hour flight and we had to wake her up for landing. I didn’t sleep at all and was a complete zombie by the time we got to my Moms house but jet lag wasn’t so bad this time around and it only took a couple days until we were both acclimated to America time.

So since then we’ve been very busy. Lots of relatives and friends to visit – unfortunately I’ve caught a cold 😦 Which has really sucked.. Sakura also is a bit under the weather and is sniffling and coughing. Her sleep has also gone to sh**. Not sure if it is because of the travel or a new place or a break in schedule or something else or multiple of the above.

She wakes up a lot more at night and wants to be rocked to sleep mostly. My mom has been helpful in that regard as esp. since I’ve been sick my energy for taking care of her has dwindled.

I’ve also been doing my part to contribute to the American economy. I’ve done so much shopping – but I THINK most of it is done for now besides random food items but I will get them towards the end of my trip. I def. enjoyed the selection and variety that America has to offer.

Sakura has continued to be VERY popular. I get lots of people commenting on what a cute baby she is and she has SUCH a sunny disposition. She smiles and coos at anyone now. She loves being held and being talked to and just in general being the center of attention – VERY SOCIAL. She loves having a bunch of people around to spoil her and I’m sure going back to being around just mommy and daddy in Niigata will be a hard adjustment for her.

I’m not really having any reverse culture shock – in fact being here has really made my desire to move back in the next 5 years or so even stronger. But more on that later… anyways we have a busy week leading up to christmas and then on the 27th I’m back to Japan!

We’ll be at the inlaws from when I get back to Niigata the 29th – Jan 1st.

Its been so nice and warm here… sunny and about 21 degrees/65 degrees here. Niigata is about 2 degrees/30 degrees and snowing… its going to be a shock to the system for sure!!!


I have been racking up the fitness points the last couple days since we bought our wii. My Christmas present from Ryohei and also pertaining to my please-get-in-shape-at-least-a-little-bit plan for 2010. I’ve lost half a kilo in 3 days!! (Which tells you how in crap shape I am – when you are this heavy the early days the weight just flies off and then plateau…) But regardless – its been really fun playing all the games. We got the Wii Fit Plus, We Cheer (a cheerleading dance game – don’t laugh its actually really fun), and Sculpt Boxing (which KICKS MY ASS and leaves me huffing and puffing after only 10 minutes)

Hopefully the novelty won’t wear off and I will keep it up. Its better than lounging around on the computer whenever Sakura naps for sure… Lately she’s been very very “PAY ATTENTION TO ME” so when she realizes Mommy is trying to oh… eat, pay for groceries, try and exercise… little miss throws a bit of a fit. Shes VERY aware of whats going on now… LOVES her Daddy. If she sees Ryohei or hears his voice BIG smile… me… well… I supply the food but I’m sort of old hat. Only 4 months and shes a Daddys girl.

One week from today we will be spending the night with Lulu! And then next Tuesday I am off to America for three weeks! Yay! Since Lulu  is in the last days of pregnancy not sure if Goma will be around by next week but if he isn’t there when I leave I HOPE for Lulu’s sake he is there by the time I get back on the 28th and stay another night! (So greatful to have Lulu in Chiba willing to host me both before and after the long flight)

Anyways here is my new fave pic of Sakura! She doesn’t look like a little baby at all anymore! But don’t worry she’s still got plennnnnnty of growing up to do! I think I must be used to the lack of sleep now… I really want to try and night wean her as the waking up 2-3 times a night really sucks. I think I will wait until we are back from America though as going through an international trip and no boobies to take comfort in might be rough.

Sakura can now lift her head up all the way during tummy time and keep it up for a bit – she gets tired and it starts to droop and then she gets fussy but she seems to hold it longer everyday.

We had a GREAT time in Osaka… I miss it SO SO SO SO SO much. It was so nice to see a bunch of my old friends – I think I managed to catch up with everyone I wanted to see besides one family. Hopefully next time will be a longer visit – once Sassymoos house is finished this spring she has kindly offered up her guest room so perhaps I will be able to stay about double the amount I was there this time.

I also caught up with Corinne and Fi, who I know both read this blog – so I wanted to say thank you so much. I had a wonderful time seeing you and your invitation to visit Niigata is open anytime.

In just about a month Sakura and I will be heading back to America for Christmas. Very looking forward to it but hoping the plane will be ok – I flew the 80 minutes from Niigata to Osaka and the way there was not good but the way back Sakura slept the whole way. To LA will be 12 hours and thats just the flight.. theres also about 2 hours of trains and a 2 hour drive home to work in there… its going to be a long long day. Hmm…

Anyways will also be going to see Nay in 2 weeks time!! Woo hoo – I like keeping myself busy with all these little trips… I get so lonely during the week that I need to keep going places… of course the cost adds up so once we are back from California I am going to seriously looking into trying to get some freelance work since Sakura will be about 6 months and starting on solids I think.

Here she is!



Today Sakura is 3 months old!! She officially graduates from being a newborn into an infant! Woo hoo – we made it!! On latest check she is about 5.8kg and 62(!)cm and is a fairly long and skinny baby! She still has those long legs that Dr. Awful kept telling me about when she was on the inside. Her neck is really stable now – about 90% I think in about 2-3 weeks she’ll have pretty much full control of it.

She still babbles a lot and “complains” and chats its very cute!! She doesn’t really like to be held unless its Mom or Dad and she doesn’t really like us doing it that much. She would rather lie there and stare up at you… so she’s not a super cuddly baby although shes very cute! She also still craves stuff going on around her and loves to go out in the stroller or sling. She actually fell asleep in the stroller today and its to big to get into the genkan of our house so I just let her sleep in it out there next to the back sliding door…it was a nice day and I was less than a meter away from her so I figured it was ok and she had a longer nap than if I had tried to take her inside! Actually she missed her afternoon nap yesterday and it was like WW3 had started so she really needs to get in at least 3 or 4 a day. She sleeps quite a bit… if she goes for about 2 hours without a nap she is so cranky.

I got another plugged duct and experience horrible boobie pain again. I thought that after my milk supply had regulated I wouldn’t have anymore issues but the last 2 days I had a nasty hard breast and pain 😦 Seems to have taken care of itself though as things feel better now.

We had Sakura’s Omiyamaeri last weekend with her grandparents! Heres a sample picture for all those not on facebook!



In other news – its Ryohei and my 3rd Anniversary as a couple! He’s not going to be around tonight because he has a drinking party… great timing, eh? But thats ok since I knew in advance and with the baby and no babysitters near by its not like we can really do anything right now.. maybe next year.


I guess thats it for now!

Not mastitis – thank GOD. Sakura sucked out my plugged duct last night which hurt like hell but provided instant relief. Rock hard to flabby in about 30 seconds.Trying to make sure it doesnt happen again as it really was pure hell.

Had a wonderful visit with Laura of Japanmama and her family who came up from Gunma to meet Sakura! Her daughter Hannah seemed to really like the baby and tried to “take care of her” it was very cute and she was very helpful with bringing me wipes and the like!!

Of course I’ve been at my inlaws over a week now so English conversation as well as escape from “Japanese childraising ideals” was a HUGE blessing. We are here until Tuesday and at this point I am hating every minute of it. My MIL has seemingly gone on a huge power trip and seems to spend most of the time trying to take Sakura away from me. Yesterday when Laura was here was the worst.. she just kept grabbing her away and taking out of the room. One or two times she asked me but the last time I had just finished changing Sakura and she just scooped her up and took her away without saying a word. I was PISSED. I am actaully pretty laidback about people holding Sakura but I hate when MIL does it especially backseat parenting. She’s made all sorts of comments about my apprently incapability to parent Sakura right and its infuriating me.

I can NOT wait to leave. We are only staying until Tuesday because thats when my SIL is getting out of the hospital and coming over for the afternoon before she goes to her own parents house in Southern Niigata. I want to see my niece but am NOT impressed with grabby MIL.

Like I was telling Laura whenever Sakura smiles and coos for her it PISSES me off… I keep saying it but this time I mean it… I am not coming back here for a while although MIL said I should stay until at least mid-September. Damn Ryohei is going on his stupid camping trip this weekend which means he will be gone Friday and Sat. night and will try and pressure me into coming back here. I’m serious when I ask if anyone wants to come up to Niigata for the weekend… because that would give me a reason to stay in Nagaoka…


Anyways here are a couple pics


with ms japanmama


being examined by hannah onee-san


future friends? we hope so!!




Posted on: August 27, 2009

I am an Auntie!!! My SIL had her baby girl Iroha this afternoon!!


I think like Sakura she has the “Kobayashi nose”

A lot of people have said Sakura’s nose looks like mine but I think its much more similar to her dads especially around the nostrils.. and for a comparison here are a couple of pics of me at 1 month.



And of course can’t have a comparison post without the original model~


Speaking of… I was reading the Dr. Sears website on how to tell if you have a high needs baby or not and it was pretty much as if he knew little miss herself. (sigh) I am going to try weaning dairy out of my diet a bit and see if that helps – I LOVE LOVE LOVE dairy so its going to be a bit of a challenge but I love sleeping and my sanity even more so we will see if that helps.. but anyways looks like Sakura is classified as high needs – I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger although I had hoped for a happy/easy baby for #1… hopefully things will be better in a month or two.

Oh – she’s napping or maybe sleeping i guess since its almost 10pm) right now after another 2 hour scream fest… but whatever I’m enjoying the quiet while it lasts!


Posted on: August 9, 2009



xposted from facebook – just a few pics to show you my little girl 🙂