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Sakura had a BAD night… for her last night.

Put her to bed at 6:45ish per normal routine… normally she stays asleep until a feed around 11:30/12 but not last night. She was up and screaming when I was getting out of my shower around 9:30… Ryohei was late so I went up to try and get her back to sleep and it kind of worked. Ryohei came home just as I got out of the room at 10:45… cue 15 minutes later. Screams!!!

I figure if I go up again she’s just gonna want more boobies.. so I ask Ryohei to go up and gently rock her to sleep… well.. I knew that wasn’t going to happen as soon as I heard him proclaiming “Hi Sakura!” loudly as he went in our bedroom…

Cue 45 minutes later… STILL awake… smiling at Daddy…

Its now almost midnight and I’m exhausted… I want to sleep but now she gets cranky and wants boobies. So boobies it is but she WONT fall asleep… so Ryohei.. who while I’ve been doing this has been snoozing in bed begs me “Can’t you just do something – why isn’t she sleeping?!” Hmm.. I think 11pm Daddy time had something to do with that… but I go back and lie down with Sakura again and FINALLY… she drifts off.

I roll into bed exhausted.. but 3 hours later… *grizzle grizzle, cry whinnnnne*

So… From 4am to 5:55 when Ryohei got up and took her downstairs I was up with Miss S.

So so so so tired… doesn’t help I’ve been going at it on the wii so I’m achy and tired from exercise tired PLUS need sleep tired. Yawnn… almost a kilo down since Sunday though! Woo hoooooo. The Wii only lets you set a limit of 10kg to lose.. I am going for triple that but I guess 10kg at a time is a good goal.

I’m glad I started exercising before America as I will probably go less “for broke” than I would have if I started after the New Year. I’ll still probably gain a little though but I don’t get to go for another year so its sort of worth it.. esp. Christmas dinner – yum!

We have a busy rest of the week…

Tomorrow I am going with Sakura to PIL during the afternoon and we will stay the night since Ryohei has a business trip in Tokyo on Friday. Friday night we are celebrating Sakura and Iroha’s 100 days thingy… MIL is making red rice and Tai fish and SIL and I are making a sponge cake. Also staying there Friday night..

Saturday afternoon we will head back here and then I have that time and Sunday to pack – do general cleaning (Ryohei plans on staying with his parents during weekdays and staying at out apartment on the weekend), and if we can fit in an hour of Karaoke.

Sakura LOVES when Ryohei or I sing now so we are going to try an hour of karaoke.. which we haven’t done FORVER and see how that goes.

Anyways soon it’ll be time for princess to wake up and then its off to the store to buy some ingredients for tonights Basil Chicken and roast veggies.


I have been racking up the fitness points the last couple days since we bought our wii. My Christmas present from Ryohei and also pertaining to my please-get-in-shape-at-least-a-little-bit plan for 2010. I’ve lost half a kilo in 3 days!! (Which tells you how in crap shape I am – when you are this heavy the early days the weight just flies off and then plateau…) But regardless – its been really fun playing all the games. We got the Wii Fit Plus, We Cheer (a cheerleading dance game – don’t laugh its actually really fun), and Sculpt Boxing (which KICKS MY ASS and leaves me huffing and puffing after only 10 minutes)

Hopefully the novelty won’t wear off and I will keep it up. Its better than lounging around on the computer whenever Sakura naps for sure… Lately she’s been very very “PAY ATTENTION TO ME” so when she realizes Mommy is trying to oh… eat, pay for groceries, try and exercise… little miss throws a bit of a fit. Shes VERY aware of whats going on now… LOVES her Daddy. If she sees Ryohei or hears his voice BIG smile… me… well… I supply the food but I’m sort of old hat. Only 4 months and shes a Daddys girl.

One week from today we will be spending the night with Lulu! And then next Tuesday I am off to America for three weeks! Yay! Since Lulu  is in the last days of pregnancy not sure if Goma will be around by next week but if he isn’t there when I leave I HOPE for Lulu’s sake he is there by the time I get back on the 28th and stay another night! (So greatful to have Lulu in Chiba willing to host me both before and after the long flight)

Anyways here is my new fave pic of Sakura! She doesn’t look like a little baby at all anymore! But don’t worry she’s still got plennnnnnty of growing up to do! I think I must be used to the lack of sleep now… I really want to try and night wean her as the waking up 2-3 times a night really sucks. I think I will wait until we are back from America though as going through an international trip and no boobies to take comfort in might be rough.

We made the trek (about 7 hours driving with stops/traffic) to visit Nay and Naoki in Shizuoka last weekend and the great time MORE than made up for the long drive.

We left at 3:30am (!!) Saturday morning and got there around 10am! We didn’t have an incredibly busy time but had fun playing with Milo the puppy and of course admiring Sakura. She was a bit out of sorts from the early wake up and long drive and had a bit of a bad first night there but the second night was better.

It was SO great seeing Nay again – we always have so much to talk about and it was so exciting to see her belly full of baby N! I wish I looked that great at 5 months pregnant.

It was so sad to go home on Monday but work and life awaited us back in Niigata so we drove back… we ended up taking a local road through Shizuoka and Yamanashi and it was beautiful because of the mountain scenery in all its maple leaf glory. It was a great drive!! Not one we could do every month but maybe every 6 months 🙂 I think Nay and her Mum may be coming up to see us in the New Year but after that I probably won’t see her until Baby N is here!!

Yesterday was Sakura’s 4 month appointment. She is now 6.1 kg and 63 cm long!! She is very long and skinny and on the “slender” side of the average baby her age. But the doctor said everything looks good, so that was a relief. She doesn’t have another appointment until she is 10 months which should be around May or so. She also got her first shot and didn’t seem to like it much – she cried and cried and they made us wait for 30 minutes to make sure she didn’t have a reaction to it and she just had an absolute fit. Poor baby… she slept great last night though! The first time in a while actually… I think there is still a whole lot going on in her brain and she has a difficult time going to sleep and staying that way. Not incredibly fun for me but what can you do?

I met up with A-san today at the nearby station and we had lunch and then came over to my place for a bit. It was def. nice to have someone to talk to and it was interesting watching her little boy play. He is about 1 year older than Sakura so its like getting a preview of what things may be like… seems very very high energy – I’m just used to Sakura lying there its hard to believe in just a year from now she may be running around screaming and throwing things like he was!!

Also at the station today picked up my discount ticket for Tokyo the day before I leave for the US. Found a website that lets you buy tickets from Tokyo to Nagaoka for up to 30% discount the one I got was 20% discount! Pretty sweet – I def. recommend it to anyone who ever plans to visit from Tokyo. Can’t believe in just 2 weeks I will be in America again!! Wooooohoooooooooo

We had a fun weekend! Actually weekends are usually pretty fun here since Ryohei is around and its not just Sakura and me all day long… (that gets old pretty quick since its not like she can really do much on her own and i think she gets bored of just seeing me and the occasional old lady at the nearby grocery store.)

Friday we went to spend the night at the PIL since they live closer to Gunma and Sakura and I took the local train 50 minutes from Nagaoka Station to the one about 7 minutes from Ryohei parents. I had (in hindsight poorly) planned for Sakura to get her afternoon nap on the train ride but she woke up after only 15 minutes due to loud high school students and the door opening and closing.. usually she sleeps.. well… like a baby on trains..

Anyways we got to PIL around 4pm and she cried from 4:15pm to 5:30pm when I finally put her to bed. I think MIL thinks shes is broken or something since she is NEVER in a good mood when we are there. And of course the Iroha comparisons were thrown like rice at a wedding… they were surprised Sakura is so skinny and long. I guess Iroha is short and round…

Anyways after nearly an hour and a half of screaming which reminded me eerily of her first 6 weeks of life – she went off to sleep in regular Sakura fashion.

Saturday she was so tired that she didn’t want to wake up at 6:30 like she usually does but Ryohei’s parents “insisted” on seeing her before they left for work so we had to wake her up at 7:45… I’m not a fan of waking sleeping babies esp. for my parents in law but we did it anyways and she was in a fairly good mood so she let them fawn over her a bit. She’s pretty look but don’t touch with them.. but then again they still try and hold her in a cradling position and now that her head is fully functional she – HATES it.

Anyways after that we headed down to Gunma! We got there pretty quick  only about an hour and fifteen minutes! Woo hoo! It was a lot of fun and Ryohei is his usual fashion was the entertainment for the bigger kids while the rest of the ladies chatted and admired the two smaller babies. It was good food and fun. Thank you so much Laura A. for hosting us and also it was great to finally meet Sophie and Sakurako. Sakurako in particular seemed to enjoy baby Sakura she was petting her head and gave her a hug as well.. very cute!

It is only an hour and a bit from Ryohei’s parents so if we use the ETC to get there its only 2000 yen round trip 🙂 Hopefully we will be able to meet up every few months…

Anyways the way back we went back to Nagaoka and it took quite a bit longer… Sakura was pretty cranky and then it started raining so we took a rest and a parking area and had dinner there. It took us about 2.5 hours with the stop included and we were all pretty exhausted by the time we got back.

Today was supposed to be rainy but ended up being sunny so we caught up on some house chores and then drove out to a park but it was super windy and cold so we headed back after a brief stop at Akachan Honpo for Sakura and Starbucks for us!

Sakura was being SO cute this weekend.. she is SO chatty now. I wonder if she’ll continue to be a chatty baby/toddler. It makes me crack up when she tooks to us, herself, her toys, etc etc..

Hard to believe she’ll be 4 months soon. At Akachan Honpo we saw another baby crying that was about a month old.. it was a big shock to realize just how much Sakura has matured.. she doesn’t sound or look like a newborn at all. She’s trying so hard to roll over and smiles and occasionally laughs, and has head control.. it really is true time goes quickly.

I just hope this week goes quickly so we can head out to Shizuoka to see Nay and Naoki again!! I can’t wait. We haven’t seen them for over 2.5 months now. This month has really gone by fast… just another 3 weeks until we leave for America?! And then it’ll almost be 2010… I really can NOT believe it!


I’ve heard of sleep regressions before but wondering if “this” is it. Sakura has been a pretty consistent sleeper since she was born but pretty much after I got back from Osaka her nighttime sleep is worse than when she was a newborn. She’s 15 weeks now so almost 16 weeks and the sleep regression is supposed to be from “4 months” so…

She still sleeps pretty well for her first stretch of the night. Usually when I get her down around 6-7 until 11:30 or so when I go  to bed. After that shes up every 1-2 hours (awake) and needs to be nursed back to sleep – nothing else seems to work and if I don’t do anything she starts to loudly cry/vocalize…

I have been SO exhausted… she was pretty much sleeping through from 6-6 with one feed or occasionally….now I’m up more of the night than I’m asleep.

I’ve heard it can take weeks to resolve this… so not really excited and hoping that my long sleeping will be back as I had started to forget the lack of sleep exhaustion of the first 6 weeks… only to have it thrown right back in my face.

Sakura can now lift her head up all the way during tummy time and keep it up for a bit – she gets tired and it starts to droop and then she gets fussy but she seems to hold it longer everyday.

We had a GREAT time in Osaka… I miss it SO SO SO SO SO much. It was so nice to see a bunch of my old friends – I think I managed to catch up with everyone I wanted to see besides one family. Hopefully next time will be a longer visit – once Sassymoos house is finished this spring she has kindly offered up her guest room so perhaps I will be able to stay about double the amount I was there this time.

I also caught up with Corinne and Fi, who I know both read this blog – so I wanted to say thank you so much. I had a wonderful time seeing you and your invitation to visit Niigata is open anytime.

In just about a month Sakura and I will be heading back to America for Christmas. Very looking forward to it but hoping the plane will be ok – I flew the 80 minutes from Niigata to Osaka and the way there was not good but the way back Sakura slept the whole way. To LA will be 12 hours and thats just the flight.. theres also about 2 hours of trains and a 2 hour drive home to work in there… its going to be a long long day. Hmm…

Anyways will also be going to see Nay in 2 weeks time!! Woo hoo – I like keeping myself busy with all these little trips… I get so lonely during the week that I need to keep going places… of course the cost adds up so once we are back from California I am going to seriously looking into trying to get some freelance work since Sakura will be about 6 months and starting on solids I think.

Here she is!



Today Sakura is 3 months old!! She officially graduates from being a newborn into an infant! Woo hoo – we made it!! On latest check she is about 5.8kg and 62(!)cm and is a fairly long and skinny baby! She still has those long legs that Dr. Awful kept telling me about when she was on the inside. Her neck is really stable now – about 90% I think in about 2-3 weeks she’ll have pretty much full control of it.

She still babbles a lot and “complains” and chats its very cute!! She doesn’t really like to be held unless its Mom or Dad and she doesn’t really like us doing it that much. She would rather lie there and stare up at you… so she’s not a super cuddly baby although shes very cute! She also still craves stuff going on around her and loves to go out in the stroller or sling. She actually fell asleep in the stroller today and its to big to get into the genkan of our house so I just let her sleep in it out there next to the back sliding door…it was a nice day and I was less than a meter away from her so I figured it was ok and she had a longer nap than if I had tried to take her inside! Actually she missed her afternoon nap yesterday and it was like WW3 had started so she really needs to get in at least 3 or 4 a day. She sleeps quite a bit… if she goes for about 2 hours without a nap she is so cranky.

I got another plugged duct and experience horrible boobie pain again. I thought that after my milk supply had regulated I wouldn’t have anymore issues but the last 2 days I had a nasty hard breast and pain 😦 Seems to have taken care of itself though as things feel better now.

We had Sakura’s Omiyamaeri last weekend with her grandparents! Heres a sample picture for all those not on facebook!



In other news – its Ryohei and my 3rd Anniversary as a couple! He’s not going to be around tonight because he has a drinking party… great timing, eh? But thats ok since I knew in advance and with the baby and no babysitters near by its not like we can really do anything right now.. maybe next year.


I guess thats it for now!