Once Upon a Tanbo

Password and Protected Posts

My previous blog was an open blog on blogger – everything that I wrote was accessable to the general public and thus open to comments and opinions from those that were kind enough to read and wish to share.

Lately I have had a lot of changes in my life that require a bit more delicate approach to blogging. If you followed the last month or so of my old blog – I had a lot to say and vent regarding moving and various realtionships with my husband and his family where we are/were living. I always felt I needed to apologize or at least give clarification on why I was feeling so down and so that people wouldn’t think I was well.. going crazy. Although at times I think I have been.

Also – if you are a reader from anytime in the last few months you will know we have a baby on the way and I think that information regarding her and certain pictures etc are private and not something I want to share with the whole internet but with people who I have come to know and trust whether it be through mutually reading blogs, meeting in real life, or other ways that make me comfortable enough to share slightly more personal information and pictures.

Therefore – if you have been given the password to protected blogs I expect you to follow the rules below.

1. Whereas my public entries are free game as long as comments stick to the subject and are not blatently hurtful – my private entries are for supportive and positive comments only. I WILL feel free to delete anything that I feel is a personal attack on myself or any other commenters and at this time I am feeling pretty fragile so it doesn’t take a lot. Think of my public entries as America and my private ones as North Korea.

2. Any information shared in my private entries is to be kept within that entry. I don’t want things I’ve written about in a private blog showing up in comments on my public entries.

3. If you have my password that means I trust you – I don’t want it to be shared with others. If I find out this has happened I will change it again and be much less willing to share it with people who I haven’t personally met.

Thats the rules folks…  Play nice please.

Thanks 🙂

EDIT: Currently not giving out password at this time (except in exceptional cases). Thanks for understanding.


1 Response to "Password and Protected Posts"

Hi Sarah! I while ago I misplaced the password you gave me for your protected posts…. 😦 I know you say that you’re not giving it out right now, but maybe make an exception for moi? ❤ Thank you!

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