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Hard Decision

Posted on: March 15, 2011

As most of us know, there was a huge earthquake followed by tsunami that mauled northern Japan last week. Watching the wreckage and death/missing numbers on tv has been heartbreaking.

There have also been concerns about a nuclear power plant apprx. 150 miles away from where we live in Fukushima.

After a REALLY hard decision process, I’ve decided to take Sakura to stay with my mom and step-dad in California for the next two weeks. Even though the radiation is minimal, she is only 1 and I don’t want her to be in a dangerous (although controlled at the moment) situation. I can only get a week of work, which was pulling teeth as it was, so I will go with her for a week to help her get situated and then will come back on my own 😦

She will stay with my mom until golden week in late April (about a month) until I get another week off work where I am planning to bring her back to Tokyo.

I don’t think its hit me that I won’t be seeing my little girl for about a month, but I think with the situation considered, it probably won’t be a decision I regret. Even if there is nothing to be alarmed about she’ll get to spend some quality time with my family and definitely improve her English before going back into Japanese daycare.

Anyways.. that is what is going on.
Now we just have to survive the flight…. NOT going to be fun I imagine.

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I can’t imagine how difficult this all must be.. Japan is always in my thoughts, i can’t wish enough for things to get better.

The flight won’t be fun but you will just be so relieved to be taking her out of harm’s way that you won’t care about anything else.
I can imagine how tough the decision was but the reality of it is that if she is somewhere safe with people who love and will care for her, she will be absolutely fine. (Sad though it sounds kids are pretty resilient when it comes to stuff like that.) I do feel for you though Sarah as it can’t have been easy to make the decision. (((HUGS)))

That couldn’t have been an easy decision and I’m sure you’ll be having a lot of mixed emotions over the next few days so take it easy on yourself. Sakura will have a great time with her American family and you’ll be reunited again before you know it!

A hard decision but I think one you wont regret. With the health of your family at stake you need to do what is best. There is so much information going around at the moment that it is hard to know what is right, and it’s that kind of situation where if you didn’t take her out, it does get worse and then it’s too late to leave…

I hope it all contained and that people up North don’t need to worry. And in the meantime I hope you have a good flight, a nice week with your family and leave Sakura in the love and care of her Granny for a month. Little kids are resilient and she’s not old enough for her to remember.

Big hugs.

What a heartwrenching decision… it must have been so hard for you to make. I wish this whole thing never happened and you didn’t need to be doing what you are doing. But as everyone else has said you won’t regret getting Sakura out and having the peace of mind knowing she is safe in America with her grandparents.

hugs to you!!

Enjoy your impromptu trip home πŸ™‚

I would do the same! Our hearts here (in the US) are hurting for all of you in Japan!

It can’t have been easy and it will be hard, but she will be safe with your mum and in sunny California weather – maybe she’ll come back with tons of funny new English words. πŸ™‚ Wishing for the best and always thinking of Japan.

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