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I have had a horrible day.
I had no work so I was just browsing the net all day.. sounds great but gets old quick.
Ryohei was being a shit when I tried to talk to him at lunch. Apparently he stayed out all last night and then has another enkai tonight. So no use trying to bother with him.

I’m leaving for Tokyo in about 2 hours and I’ve been scrambling to pack. In my haste I knocked my hotplate board off of its resting spot breaking the handle for it.

This is my lovely 8000 yen one I just got about a month ago.
Its still under warrenty but since I was the one who broke it does that mean that I can’t get it replaced for free? Anyone have any experience with kinda stuff?

Its still usable.. but with just one handle its going to be really hard to take the plate off the burner until after its cooled down. I was hoping this would last me and Ryohei many years, and it pisses me off to know that now its value is really decreased. I have no idea how much getting am extra plate would cost.

Damn it!!!
I hate hate hate breaking stuff. Espicially new nice stuff. Im just glad that 2007 is going to be done in just a couple days.

Agggg sooo angry.



Posted on: December 28, 2007

I was asked to do this crazy 8 survey by Mont-chan! So I will oblige her

8 Things I’m Passionate About:

1. Ryohei – Im planning to marry the guy and have his babies.. enough
2. Japanese Study – I am a benkyo nazi.. I guess it comes from having
way more free time than I could ever wish for. But I try to study kanji
or vocab or something every day. I don’t always see results, but I like
to tell myself I’m being productive.
3. Those Sweets that only come out for certain seasons. I must try them
4. Sleep
5. Finding good deals on cute clothes. I like to shop at stores like Gap
etc here but I can’t afford a lot of the stuff right away. I like to
think I look good in last seasons fashions for 50-70% off. Haha..
6. Cats! I want a Ragdoll kitty..
7. TV series – I get addicted and must watch them all.. currently I love
Greys Anatomy, CSI, Private Practice, and Americas Next Top Model. I
used to be into Friends, Ally McBeal, Charmed. House.. etc
8. Bargins in general..

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1. Be on TV
2. Own a Ragdoll cat
3. Have 2-3 babies
4. Get my drivers licence.. (thats gonna be real fun in Japan)
5. Cook gourmet food
6. Translate a novel or video game
7. Travel around Europe
8. Maybe learn another language

8 Things I Say Often:
(Most of these will be Japanese .. .sorry 😦 )

1. Nannnni?!?! (pretend Angry)
2. Interesting… (when pondering something)
3. Urusai Boke (also to Ryohei,, but I don’t think I’ve meant it)
4. Thats not cool.
5. Im hungrrrry.
6. Taihen da!
7. Really?
8. Nani shiten no??

8 Books I’ve Read Or Am Reading Now:

1. “Harry Potter x 7”
2. “Davinchi Code”
3. “Nanny Diaries”
4. “In Company of the Courtesian”
5. “Like Water for Chocolate”
6. “The Kite Runner”
7. “Les Miserables”
8. “The Other Boyelin Girl”

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over And Over:
(again lots of Japanese and tinybopper pop)

1. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawarence – Ryuuichi Sakamoto
2. More Than This – Vanessa Carlton
3. tonight, tonight – Smashing Pumpkins
4. Isshin Denshin Shiyo – (dont remember the name)
5. Only Time – Enya
6. Mata Aimasho – Seamo
7. Lady in Red – Chris DeBurg
8. Take on Me – Aha

8 Things That Attract Me To My Friends:

1. “Realness”
2. Patience
3. A good sense of humor
4. Optomism
5. Selflessness
6. Flexibility
7. Intelligence
8. That something special!

My 8 that I am tagging.. gah I hate this.. umm so.. if you want to do
this please go ahead.

1. I
2. hate
3. making
4. people
5. feel
6. pressured
7. to
8. answer

(yes im weasling out sorry!!)

Theres only 7 catagories?! Well in that case.. I’ll tell you 8
interesting things about me! Since I’m sure you all want to hear it.

1. I have 8 distinct moles on my back in the shape of the big dipper. If
you ever meet me and want to see I will show you.
2. I dip my Mcfries in my McShake… and love it.
3. I have never had a celeb crush, I guess I knew it wouldn’t work out
4. I am not a morning person.. I am so so cranky in the morning and I
need to either eat something or have it be past 10am to become normal
cheerful me.
5. I have no real desire to plan a huge great wedding.. in fact.. I’m
actually a little shy and would rather not have one. (Well maybe a
party.. but not the whole walking down the aisle thing)
6. When I find a book, movie, or game I like.. I go crazy trying to
watch, read, play, any other item from that director/writer.. etc.
7. I used to heat my thermometer with a lamp bulb when I wanted to fake
a fever and get out of going to school in elementary school (silly mom
for leaving me alone in my room while i was taking it)
8. I am a really really really fast eater.

Here lies Long Distance Relationship

He was with us for a relatively short time, but it seemed like forever.

Because of him, there was much money funneled into Japans
transportations system.

To be specific..

13 one way plane tickets

13 one way bus tickets

(7 overnight, 6 afternoon)

for a total of 13 trips using a different mix of one or both types of
transport each time

There was also heavy contributions to the communications system.. I
don’t even want to think about my phone bills.

Long Distance Relationships exsistance was brief, but troublesome. He
cause several fights and some hurt feelings, and was never apologetic or
forgiving. However Long Distance Relationship did help to show some that
trivial things and fights could be over come. And that ability to
compromise was strong and, perhaps help people to realize how important
it was to have eachother in their life.

Long Distance Relationship, is now gone, but he will not be forgotten.He
will be remembered when I am annoyed over little, trivial things that I
know will come. He will be remembered when I can go to sleep next to the
person I love every night as opposed to 1 weekend a month. He will be
remembered when I have to pick up dirty clothes, tissues etc.

I can’t say that I liked Long Distance Relationship, but I will admit
that because of him, I may have a better marriage in the future.

With these words..

Rest in Peace

3/21/07 – 12/28/07

The holidays always seem to get so busy.. I’ve had another “bad” week
and a half without blogging! Bad bad bad! But I’ve actually been in
Shiga prefecture the last week for a work conference on translation and
interpretation.. although to be honest it really was ALL interpretation
ALL the time. I’ve realized that I don’t really like it.. although I
think that maybe be more because of how completely nervous that I get
when I’m put on the spot like that.

I can (and do) translate for a lot of friends or my family who can’t
speak Japanese and thats fine, I guess because its a casual situation
and I feel more in control, and of course, because its not like I’m
getting paid for it, so if I make a mistake or two its not the end of
the world. However, if its a work thing, I get so nervous because mostly
its just important business “higher ups” or government members and
well.. I know they’ve worked with pros etc. Maybe its just a low
confidence thing, but I’m actually relatively shy around new people, so
until I feel comfortable with someone its hard to really do it well. But
thats ok, I really like translation and hope that I can contiune to do
it even after my contract with this job is over.

So anyways like I said, I was in Shiga all last week! Sadly, I caught I
cold, which may have been another reason why it seemed so daunting, I
can barely think in English let alone in Japanese with my head all
stuffed with stuffiness. Which is now making its way out.. which isn’t
fun either. I hate having a runny nose.. the sound of blowing, the well
you know.. snot.. the burny red nose.. just not fun. But I’m praying
that it will be gone by this weekend!

Speaking of, I’m going to Tokyo in 3 days!!! This is my last “real
visit” to Tokyo for the foreseeable future. Since Ryohei will be moving
here at the end of the month I don’t really have as much as reason to go
anymore.. although that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to in the future! I
have quite a few friends in the Tokyo area from study abroad etc. But
once again I’ve diverged.

Anyways Ryohei is finallllllllly moving out. In fact this weekend is not
going to be much of a pleasure trip as much as packing up his stuff and
sending 1/3 to my house, 1/3 to his parents house, and 1/3 to the
recycle shop and or trash disposal facility. Its going to be a “fun”
weekend. He finally got all the details with his work figured out and
his last day will be the 28th although he did give in and is taking a
day off his last week to change his address with the post, do more
moving etc. (thank God)

For me, all I have to do is wait until Friday and then catch the bus out
to Tokyo. I’ll be flying back Christmas morning though. Three day
weekends go so fast too. But then again, next next Friday I’ll be going
out to Tokyo one last time and only staying for about 5 or 6 hours
before taking the bus to Ryohei’s parents house in Niigata. (Too many

I’m also thinking about getting a DS Lite game system as my own
Christmas present. I have an older DS from my ex but its about 3 years
old and recently it got a little damaged so now the upper half isn’t
fully attached and kind of slides about a bit. Its also quite clunky and
big.. however it still works so I figure I’ll just give it to Ryohei and
get a new one for myself since I use it more, particularly for studying
kanji. Its kinda nice to be able to buy myself a present since I’m
usually pretty strict about all the money I spend. I guess the Christmas
season is a good a reason as any to splurge!

Gah.. this diary is so boring.
Most of the other blogs I read are so interesting and my life seems so
bland in comparison. But, at this point, things don’t really seem like
they will get more exciting for a while. Of course, once Ryohei moves in
I’ll get to see him, so maybe I’ll have some wacky kokusai renai stories
to tell. Living alone is so so so boring. I really can not wait to have
someone at home to talk with instead of my good friend the internet

Sometimes I just get so tired of all this. Usually I get this feeling
about once a month (guess which part.) Anyways I am so irritable and
cranky and just not my usual cheerful self.

And I just hit it last night/this morning.

Ryohei and I actually managed to have a “fight” on my lunch break. I
quote it because it wasn’t really a fight as much as he said something
in a way that I took to be a little bit rude. But then again, knowing
his situation I probably shouldn’t have gone on like I did.

Its been a tense week. Ryohei has been trying to quit since Monday of
last week but his stupid boss has been giving him the run around. He
wrote his resignation letter last Sunday and met with the boss last
Weds. The boss told him that he wouldn’t allow him to quit unless he
thought of the risks more and said they would meet again the next Monday
(this week) to talk.

Ok first of all.. WTF. Being told I’m not allowing you to quit.. is that
even possible?? To me its ridiculous. And me being the ever supportive
girlfriend told him that he should have just shoved the fricken letter
on his desk and left the room. Of course, to a Japanese person that
would probably be the equivilent of commiting harakiri. So Ryohei
agonized the whole weekend to think of “risks.” He talked with me, his
parents, friends ranging from pre-school to university and on Monday he
told me he had a lot of courage and was ready to quit. However Boss-san
tells him he can’t meet Monday, how about Tuesday. Ok.. fine, Boss-san
is probably busy right? Whatever.. Ryoheis a little discouraged but its
ok. Tuesday rolls around.. opps!! Boss-san is busy again!!! How about
Weds night for the meeting. Ryohei is like ok.. but sure ok, its
boss-san I must respect his wishes. I get an email at 9pm last night
saying that once again boss-san has postponed their meeting.. surprise

So now they have an other one scheduled for tonight. Ryohei told me, if
he cancels again tonight I’m just handing my resignation into personal.
And im like WTF?!!?!? Why didn’t you just do that from the beginning?!
OMG.. but no no.. he wants to meet with Boss-san and leave the company
respectfully even though they have done nothing good for him and called
him worthless and told him that he can’t do his job properly.

So.. yah. I’m not sure what the hell Boss-san is trying to pull!? Is
this a weakening tactic?? Like get them all fired them up over the
weekend and then slowly chip away and that zeal with every postponement,
Maybe other employees would crack and stay but I doubt they have a loud
American fiancee as back up support. None the less.. jeez. He better
fricken hand in that resignation today. But then again when I talked to
him and was like so you are handing it in today?? He was like.. we’ll if
I hand it into personnel I’ll do it tomorrow morning. *sigh* I hate hate
hate his wishywashyness. And this isn’t even what we fought about.

So.. when he first started working, Ryohei had no vacation days..
(apparently) and he just got some this month.. or something. I know as a
first year employee they are supposed to work even at the door of death
far less take a vacation. So… he is working all the way until the
28th. And then we leave for Niigata on the 29th. Thus moving, selling
his stuff etc.. all has to take place between these times. Not only that
but changing his registeration only on a weekday. His contrancted work
ends on the 21st.

Our talk during lunch. (extract)

Me: “why don’t you use your vacation days from the 25th through the 28th
so that you have plenty of time to move, change your registration, quit
your cable etc.

Him: “…..” and then “No I don’t think so”

Me: . “why?!!?”

Him: “its rude to the company to that, they might not like it espicially
since i am leaving”

Me: “But what about just taking a day off then so that you can go to the
ward office and take yourself off the residents list?”

Him “Until I am done working at this company can you leave the decisions
regarding work to me.”

Me: “……..”(feeling hurt by the tone he said it in)

Him: “hello? hello?”

Me: “…….” (now feeling offended as well since I had just been trying
to help”

Him: (starting to explain himself) “You see, I decided to start this job
before I met you, and well obviously it wasn’ suited to me, but since I
started it I want to finish it properly. I know your culture is
different so I don’t know if you can understand this but I’m already
stressed enough so its about my work, from now on just don’t say

Me: “fine… “

Him: “are you mad?” (.. hmmm yah think?)

Me: “yes a little.. but more about how you said it, and also because i
don’t like being told what and what not i can talk about”

Him: “im sorry. you know that from January Im going to work hard on
studying and pass the test, but this is my personal thing i want to take
care of.”

Me: “how would you feel if I kept a part of my life seperate from you..
i bet you would be sad or angry too.”

Him: “yes i would”

Me: “……” “anyways i have to go back to work now”

Him: “ok..”

phone calls ends

He then writes me an email apologizing.. but yah.. i know part of me
shouldnt feel hurt or upset. Infact just typing out the conversation I
know that I should just let him make his own decision. Its just.. when
you are signing on with someone for life, to have them tell you theres a
part of their life where they don’t want your input hurts. Even though
I’m sure there are parts of my life I don’t want him to, its just
something you don’t say, and defintely don’t want to hear. He has a
nomikai tonight and pretty much all day sat and im spending the night at
a friends tommorrow. So we probably won’t get the chance to talk until

So yah..
Only 3 weeks left til this is all over.
I have been ready since last April.

Posted on: December 4, 2007

So the lack of posts recently may only give you a slight glimpse into
just how insanely busy my life has been over the past week. Since the
end of the Thanksgiving weekend, I have been pretty much out of the
office the whole week working on an important and tiring project. Pretty
much I had to be an on call interpreter for individuals from three
different countries as well as MC a seminar, welcome reception, visit
with government officials etc.

My job usually never has overtime but from last week Weds on we had
various meetings, airport pickups, etc which meant pulling extra long
hours. As well as giving up my Saturday for tour guiding and
interpreting for visitors. Of course this is all part of my job, and I
did actually enjoy it, however Sunday was the crux of my evil week and I
took the 1kyuu Japanese proficiency exam. I was pretty exhausted for
most of it, but we’ll see how it goes.

So now it is FINALLY December. This is the last stretch in putting up with all the craziness that has been going on the last 9 months
or so. Its hard to believe that in less than a month Ryohei and I will
be finally moved in together, for good. It really is a weird, weird
feeling. I try and imagine having him come home at night and cooking dinner
for two, and I still can’t do it. Of course its not just smooth
sailing until then, theres still a lot of planning and work to do.

I’m going to Tokyo one final time right before Christmas to help Ryohei
sell a lot of his furnature to a recycle shop, and to send some items to
both my house and his parents house in Niigata. I’ll be coming back to
Kobe on Christmas day working from Weds. until Friday and then Ryohei
and I will leave for Niigata on the evening on Saturday the 29th. After
5 days there we will finally be taking the train back together on
January 3rd, and the on the 4th Ryohei will register as a resident
of Kobe. His new school starts on the 7th (same day I go back to work)

Oh, I’ll be going to a AFWJ event on the 16th. I haven’t joined yet, but
I was invited by one of the members to attend the event as a guest. It
will be interesting to meet other people who have married a Japanese man
and stayed here. So far I haven’t met very many in real life context.
Many of the blogs I read are by people in the same situation and while
reading about peoples daily life is a facinating insight into their
world, it will be nice to freely chat and talk about problems and other
things that there are about settling down and starting a family so far
from home. I feel like I might be on the young side though, I’m 24,
which feels old to me, but is a far throw from people who’ve
lived here longer than I’ve been alive.

Lately I’ve had babies on the brain… Actually to be honest, I can’t see being
ready stability wise until about this time next year at the earliest. (It
all depends on whether Ryohei passes his test or not.) After he does
and has a stable job lined up we can seriously consider our options in
welcoming a new member to our family.

So thats pretty much it. Like always it seems like I’m just waiting,
waiting, waiting. I hope that in a month from now when I can finally be
with Ryohei I can relax a bit more. In the last 2,3 months between the planning last weeks big
event, studying for the exam, and trying to get all the preperations
for Ryohei to move here, I have been so stressed and cranky. And I just feel porky in general.
Actually Starbucks isn’t really helping with that issue. The
gingerbread lattes are just too hard to resist. Help!! I need to cut
back to only 2 a week. At this point I think I’ve had about 5 in the
past week >_< gah..